• Not to be disheartened by their defeat in the final of the Blood Bowl World Cup, those Italian giants of the team tournament circuit, Alfea, started 2020 with a victory at the UKTC (UK Team Championship). The first big tournament of the year, and one of the unofficial team “majors”, this is a cracking way to start the year. Along with the Tilean…[Read more]

  • DropFleet Commander is a game where players assemble their fleet of low orbit spacecraft with a desire to land troops onto key ground objectives to fight for dominance. This marks it as quite different to a typical spaceship game which is often fought in large tracts of empty space without much going on. The key, therefore, in DropFleet is having…[Read more]

  • WarCry is a fast paced and quick to play fantasy skirmish game set in the chaos wastelands of GW’s Warhammer universe. Taking 8 new styles of fanatic to add to the existing diverse range of factions, and with a completely fresh set of mechanics, even for fans of the game this can take a bit of getting used to. Especially as the wonderful icons,…[Read more]

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    (Wulfyn) A few months ago I was contacted by Mohammed Javaid (thatasianguy) asking if we would be interested in sponsoring his event. Not only was this a good opportunity to help spread the word of the website but when we found out a little more about what Mohammed had in mind we were certain we wanted to help in our little way. There are many…[Read more]

  • In a surprise twitter announcement today, the official 2019 Blood Bowl World Cup announced that the total cost of the event had run to 282 thousand euros. Given an attendance of 1400 people this leaves them around 120k short of just the entrance fees that were paid. Running such a large event can of course be extremely expensive, but a budget of a…[Read more]

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    Ancient warriors from a civilisation that hit its peak and has been devastated by centuries of war. Long have they battled the Scourge and been allies of mankind, helping them to seed the cradle worlds which lasted as the UCM bedrock until they could regroup. Mystical and reverent their sleek ships rip through the skies, their ground troops being…[Read more]

  • Dan started the topic PHR ship overview in the forum Guides 1 year, 6 months ago

    Just before the Scourge landed a powerful AI called the White Sphere arrived at Earth and heralded a warning and an offer of salvation. Those that accepted were branded as abandonists and cowards, unprepared to stand and fight for their homes against the coming Scourge tide, and threatened with death should they leave. Many attempted and a few…[Read more]

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    The serpentine tendrils of these alien vessels shimmer against the starlight as they deliver their devastating ground assault troops to key human cities. Incredibly fast, with vicious weaponry and stealth technology, a Scourge Admiral is well able to field a vast array of ship types to the orbital battlefields. With so much choice it would be easy…[Read more]

  • Dan started the topic UCM ship overview in the forum Guides 1 year, 6 months ago

    Ah, the UCM. Mankind’s last best hope against the Scourge invasion. Having thrown away the assistance of the Shaltari, humanity was on the brink of collapse and relegated to a few colonial worlds. The Scourge had over-run and mind captured much of the population, and so it became a race against time to up their military production to replace their…[Read more]

  • This poem by our resident Dwarf-hater Bob Kitchen, is an ode to the seven styles of Dwarf player that he encounters. Please note his biased position, and that this is a parody article meant for fun. And Dwarf hating.
    All the world’s a Dwarf,
    And all the men and women merely Coaches;
    They have their Losses and their wins,
    And one coach in h…
    [Read more]

  • Introduction
    The most common question for any new player thinking of starting a new gaming system is which faction is the right one for them. Whilst many people are drawn into a game because of a faction, most people like the game and want to know about the range that will most suit their gaming style. And this is important because the wrong…[Read more]

  • The big announcement of the weekend was the release and subsequent selling out of (in minutes) the Sisters of Battle new box set. And with Slaves to Darkness out soon for AoS, the Black Templars Codex reveals for 40k, the continuation of the Psychic Awakening story (which seems to be passing most people by, but is likely to have combinatorial…[Read more]

  • One of the most common questions for players new to the game is to ask which team is right for them. With 23 Games Workshop approved official team (RIP space frogs), and a few more unofficial ones that are popular in the community, it can be quite overwhelming to people new to the game. And we know that the fun you get can vary hugely depending on…[Read more]

  • TackleZone Star Divisions is a BB2 league. 48 of the best coaches in the world and MarzM are competing for fame and glory and a £100 top prize. The players are divided into 8 groups, all named after a Blood Bowl legend. Each coach will play each other coach once in a round robin with the top player from each division qualifying for the playoffs.…[Read more]

  • Fantastic news as we find out that a vote was held to decide if non-European teams would be allowed to enter Eurobwl. With Europe being the main continent in which Blood Bowl is played, and with many different countries having a strong player base, the international team competition known as Eurobowl has been held since 2003. Many of the best…[Read more]

  • Two of the largest criticisms levelled at AoS were the lack of lore and the inability to use older models outside of some pretty dated warscrolls. The new Battletome for the Cities of Sigmar addresses both of these points in spades! Firstly look at all the amazing middlehammer miniatures featured that now have warcrolls and, we hope, some of the…[Read more]

  • ScreeningHello! My name is Aaramus and I’d like to talk to you about our defensive lord and saviour… no not Nuffle!…Screening! It’s a little more complex than basing, but it can have a very high pay off when used effectively, essentially making it nearly impossible for the opponent to score in some situations. As with marking, some teams are better at…[Read more]

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    Or: You are tiering me apart Lisa.  (Article by Joemanji, for more wisdom check out his patreon page: )
    Modern tournament Blood Bowl has become something of a trail of tiers, so popular have bonus skill packages for the weaker teams become. But what exactly what are we trying to achieve? As far as I have seen i…[Read more]

  • Or, which is better: Fan Factor or Coaches/Cheerleaders. (Article by Joemanji, for more wisdom check out his patreon page: )
    Ah, the age old question that has been troubling Blood Bowl coaches since the dawn of time, or at least 1993 when Third Edition was released: What shall I do with this 10K I have left…[Read more]

  • Introduction
    Hello, and welcome to the first of my series of articles on positioning. One of the things I love about the game (other than smashing up Elves) is the combination it has between spatial positioning and risk calculation. Being good at working out the odds of a play working is a great advantage, but good positioning is how you modify…[Read more]

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