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    Hello everyone. In addition to a continuation of the tactics series I am starting a new one about tournament builds. But for this I need your help!


    The idea is to have in 1 year each of the 26 races have an article on the tacklezone talking about tournament builds for that race. My plan is to start a topic on this forum for a race, and then at the end of the 2 weeks have enough information from everyone that has contributed to write the article. The aim will be for Eurobowl type competitions of around 1.1 to 1.15 TV, with around 5 or 6 skills for tier 1, and some small bonuses for lower tier teams. In particular I want to focus on the following:

    • A clear explanation of why you would pick that build and how to play it. This allows people with different styles to select the build that feels natural to them.
    • An investigation into regional metas. For example why do the English tend to go for 4 Block / 2 Break Tackle Saurus, whilst the Italians go for 5 Block / 1 Tackle Saurus?
    • People questioning and debating the ideas of others and themselves. Asking questions rather than just making flat out statements.
    • Solid but unusual builds like focused fouling rosters, stars (Zug humans!), or bashy elves. No joke rosters (there are other places for that).


    I am going to start with the team that I am most familiar with, Lizards, in another topic on this forum. This thread will be kept to advertise what we are doing, and for anyone to ask questions or make suggestions on how to go about it.


    How you can help:

    • Please contribute to the discussions! Even if you feel that you are not qualified to make recommendations you are always qualified to ask others questions. Often it takes someone new to a team with a fresh pair of eyes to ask the insightful angle.
    • We are on the look out for rosters. If you know of any taken by old Eurobowl / Europen teams, tournaments regulars, or top players of any nation please share them here. That includes your own (don’t be modest, just please share them!).
    • Please share this with anyone you think will be interested – especially those from other countries that may not have heard of this place yet.


    Thanks in advance!



    Links to articles already written:





Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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