What’s The Play? #7

Posted by Joemanji on 7th November 2018

Here we go again! We are back and making a half-hearted attempt to produce these on a more than annual basis. As ever the name of the game is just to post what you would do in the situation above. You are the Chaos Dwarf coach, just about to start the 3rd turn of the second half. As you can see the score is 1-0 to the Dwarfs. A few of the players on both teams have Guard, marked on the picture above by the letter ‘G’. The Hobgoblin holding the ball has Sure Hands. Both teams have two re-rolls left.

What Was The Play? #6

By popular demand, if anyone can remember, below you will find what actually happened in the game depicted in What’s The Play? #6. In this case I think what the coach actually did was excellent, but in general please do not consider this to be the definitive ‘correct’ answer. The purpose of these is not to determine the right or wrong play, but rather learn from discussing the alternatives.

First the Skaven coach moves the Gutter Runner from J11 to L8, allowing the Lineman in M11 to block the Norse Runner away from the ball carrier for a pushback. The Skaven Blitzer in O11 also blocks the Norse Lineman in P12 with an assist, getting a knockdown and a KO.

The Rat Ogre now has an assist for blocking the Snow Troll, courtesy of the Lineman who just threw a block. The Rat Ogre blocks for two dice. 

The Rat Ogre gets a pushback and chain pushes the Norse Lineman next to the ball carrier out of contact, up and to the right.

The Rat Ogre must block the Snow Troll again due to Frenzy. It still has a two dice block thanks to the assist from the same Skaven Lineman. This time it rolls a POW and chain pushes the Snow Troll into the other Norse Lineman that was next to the ball carrier.

This leaves the position here, with the ball carrier completely free of tackle zones!

The Skaven ball carrier runs away downfield!

All that is left is for the Skaven Lineman at the bottom of the picture to move over so that the Skaven Lineman next to the prone Snow Troll can throw a two dice block on the Norse Lineman who could have caught the ball carrier.