TZ Star Divisions : New BB2 League

Posted by Wulfyn on 26th September 2019

Hello everyone – and I am here with the first article in a good while! I’ve spent the summer making some changes to expand the site so that now we have a dedicated news and guide section to split apart the articles. Also added is a list of my favourite podcasts and vodcasts (please suggest your own!) and our live streaming page. More work to do, but that’s not why I am here with this article today, because I also spent the summer co-streaming with world #1 KFoged.


KFoged is a very active player both on tabletop and the BB2 community, and so I have been able to see a wide range of different leagues that he is in. But he has spoken to me for a while about the desire to be in a resurrection style league with some tabletop style rules in place. So we had a bit of a think, and what better way to find such a tournament than to create it! The TackleZone Star Divisions were born!


The league structure still depends on exactly how many sign up, but we’re aiming for 32 players in 4 divisions (star divisions!) of 8. That means everyone gets to play 7 games minimum as part of the league schedule. Then the 2nd and 3rd place teams will play in a qualifying heat of 1 game, with the winnners joining the division champions in knockout rounds to a final!


And best of all because this is TackleZone sponsored it comes with a prize pool of £100 (split 75 for the winner and 25 for the runner up).


For all the rules including details on how to sign up, please have a look at the rules document: