Painting Competition Winners!

Posted by Wulfyn on 11th October 2018

Hello Blood Bowl fans! Back in the depths of time we announced that we were running a painting competition on our artwork section of this website. We had a fantastic response with the standard of quality just through the roof. I am very happy with my decisions to have five winners and also to pass off the difficulty of judging to JBone (@JBoneDS) and Deeferdan (@deeferdan). Huge apologies on this going on for much longer than we intended it to, but the good news is that the winning prizes (a GW team of your choice) are even better because there have been some great teams released since the competition was started!



If you’d rather listen to the winners and the thoughts on the teams before reading this article then you can catch the latest episode of the Double Skulls Podcast here: . It has, according to the guys, the best intro that they have ever done. It’s definitely the best at something, but I am still unsure as to exactly what. They describe it as incredible. I cannot believe that they did it.



To see all the entries please go to our artwork area:



And so without further ado, here are the 5 winners, with the overall Grand Prize winner being announced last (cheap suspense!).



I just need an extra line so you can’t see the first winner if you wanted to listen to the podcast first…



3 City Jackals – Crowmaster


So this entry worried me a lot because it was so good and it was so early. I was worried because I thought that when people saw it they might be put off by the high quality from entering their own teams! Fortunately it just seemed to encourage everyone else to step up to even better heights, but the vibrant choice of colours alongside the smoothness of the painting was just so eye catching right away.

I think that such a strong scheme can create a lovely crisp finish to a team, and the important thing here is to let the main colour stand out as if you try with too many it can look over-crowded. The orange is nicely trimmed with a clear white and then the rest of the body is quite a dark colour adding extra depth.

The bases are clever as well, because whilst it just looks like a normal green grass pitch it is actually a really good colour choice to contrast against the orange of the armour. This strengthens it even more. The rest of the painting, from the gem stones to the numbers are just perfect. A fantastic entry.



Breizh Dwarves – Blackpainter

I find it a bit difficult to say anything about this one because I think the techniques are so good that I don’t even understand what is going on. Maybe I’m wrong on that but it fdeels like these models just have a special quality about them. And so consistent over the entire team as well.

The death roller is an absolute beauty as well. The reflection built into the painting of the metallic wheels is incredible with the highlight lines picked out perfectly.



Tenochtitlan Titans – Cookie

Lizardmen are my favourite team, so it is with some jealousy that I present these as a winner! The blending and highlighting is really smooth, and the orange offsets provide a nice contrast. It all mixes really well with the bone helmets too, and I think one of the consistent features of these winners is not just the skill to paint this well but the great colour choices the artists have made.

I think vibrancy is really important when you use a colour range such as blues and there is a great scaling (no pun intended!) between the light and dark areas. And who couldn’t love the fat frog commentator!



Skycastle Titans – Dinotitanedition


Blue is obviously a colour that caught the judge’s eye as the other blue titans also made it to the winners list! What I really like about this one is how the blue is a great theme through the whole team giving it that consistent look that a team needs, but also how it contrasts so well with the positional colour of the individual models. The green of the goblins and purple of the troll balanced well with the more traditional yellow that you see blue being paired with.

Like all the winners the basing again complimented the rest of the model and helped to give it that three dimensional look that bad painters (like me!!) struggle so hard to achieve. There’s just so much fine detail in the team that I’ll stop writing now and let you look at the models (and remember to click through to the linked entry page for each team so you can see them in more detail – also to make them bigger save the picture and open in a picture viewer, it really is worth the effort).



And the Grand Prize Winner is…


Dagtooth’s Death Dealerz – Trolljase


Where to begin. Everything about this team is gorgeous. The attention to detail is out of this world.

In fact I’m just going to stop writing now and let you go and look at all the pictures for yourself. Congrats to the winners – I’ll be in contact soon to get your prize requests and postage details. Thanks to everyone who took part – there genuinely was not a single bad entry and I really enjoyed looking through all the teams that were entered. Too many good ones to start listing (I’m afraid I’ll forget a good one and insult someone!), but wow I hope it has inspired the rest of us mortals as to what we can do with some patience and dedication.