XWing: New multiplayer expansion

Posted by Wulfyn on 14th October 2019

I’m not an avid fan of X-Wing, and by that I mean whilst I love the game and it’s mechanics (the second best secret choice and reveal game after Bushido for me), I don’t play it a lot. And because I have some real fans as friends I don’t need to own anything either. So it may not surprise you that in my limited experience the most I have played is a fan designed co-op system.


The game retains the simple but powerful premise that maked X-Wing so good. Have a mission, pick a flight path, and reveal to see how badly you messed up. But this time you have your friends to curse your bad choices too, as they are your wingmates! The enemy ships are controlled by a d6 and a surprisingly good ‘AI’ set of actions based on angle and range to enemies. It’s definitely better at the game than me!


So I am very intrigued to see what this new multiplayer expansion is all about. Is it the same system formalised? Well, maybe not. Multiplayer could (sadly) just mean larger games. Indeed the tag line of ‘epic’ gaming points in that direction. Which is still very cool, but (of so) maybe a missed opportunity?


At around £25 it’s worth the investment to find out.