WarCry: Fan made content takes quality to the next level

Posted by Wulfyn on 23rd September 2019

Two enterprising youngsters (I’ve no idea how old they are, but they sound not yet worn down by the trials of continued existence) have added some real quality to games of WarCry. For all that GW make great games and fantastic miniatures it’s fair to say that their campaign systems have been a little meh since the days of Mighty Empires. And WarCry seems to be no exception (although a lot better than Necromunda). So Domingo has totally overhauled the way that it works, mainly by having warbands start off smaller and build up. These smaller games can be great fun, and because they are so quick it means you can play a large number of games over the course of an evening. This then provides recruitment points so you can see your band grow, and this helps add another element integral to campaign systems – a story to the characters. Add to this a large number of UI tweaks and you end up with a much smoother game.



Of course smaller games also help new players to learn the game. But what would be even better is a set of notes that list what you need to do next. Or better yet.. an app! And this is exactly what Artmllr has done. Only narrative play has been set up so far, but the app and website look gorgeous and will be a great way to ensure nothing is missed. Highly recommend to new players and old, and if you are an experienced player already do look to help out!