40K: Iron Hands and Raven Guard codex supplements released

Posted by Wulfyn on 15th September 2019

Two of the most unloved and overlooked of the first founding chapters are getting the codex supplement treatment this week. Cries of power creep are spreading through the community as both of these marine chapters have had some notable upgrades to their tabletop performance. But perhaps most importantly, given that the majority of 40k players are not tournament-goers, both very much feel like the chapters they are supposed to represent.

The Iron Hands mantra is that Flesh is Weak, and so it is no surprise to see them focus on vehicles. Or rather it is a surprise but it shouldn’t have been all these years. With great abilities that strengthen the overall performance of vehicles such as being able to use a higher profile than their wounds dictate, and incredibly powerful relics that allow a bubble where vehicles subtract one from any damage taken, we see that dreads could be featuring heavily in future Iron Hands lists. Especially as they can now be made into characters! Which remember if they have fewewr than 10 wounds means that they cannot be targeted unless they are the closest enemy model. But the most important addition is Feirros, the Iron Father. These iconic characters unique to Iron Hands and their successors are notably absent from the gaming table since – well since forever. But it seems like GW is making up for this by going a little over the top. With the ability to repair a vehicle a flat 3 wounds (rather than d3), and with a 1CP strategem allowing this to be repeated, even on the same target, plus a 5++ bubble of any unit within 6″ (not wholly within!), and even then still an ability to confer a 2+ BS to a nearby friendly unit, this guy runs in at a super cheap 110pts. Oh and he can consolidate away from combat too.

It’s hard to repeat that level of power for the Raven Guard, but they do get quite close. Their “new” character is a reimagining of Shrike, who is now the Chapter Master and has undertaken the Primaris Upgrade. The Raven Guard are just as much about lightning assaults as being sneaky now, with their advance move at the start of the game representing their ability to infiltrate the battlefield. But with Shrike allowing nearby jump pack squads to reroll their charge and a plethora of cheap strategems that allow for additional moves, and being able to advance and charge (with a +1″ to the charge roll) these guys are able to get into contact with the important enemy units fast. And once they are there they receive a huge array of bonuses for character killing. Shrike grants a +1 to wound bubble and with a strategem allowing this to be done again it means that non-vehicle characters such as Daemon Princes and Hive Tyrants are in a lot of trouble.

Added to this is a range of additional product offering allowing for customisatiojn, such as transfer sheets and upgrade kits. Expect a lot of “counts as ” armies over the next few months!