Simon Spalding joins Steamforged Games

Posted by Wulfyn on 15th September 2019

Steamforged Games recently announced a capital investment of £4m from Foresight Group. Those of us who understand the world of mergers, takeovers, and investments understood that a pot of money this sizeable would come with conditions attached. With the huge delay to Dark Souls, the failure to launch of God Tear, and most importantly the huge production problems of Guild Ball in having most of the teams still unavailable for retail purchase, those conditions were likely to include being able to sort of their supply chain issues. Steamforged have done extremely well in taking themselves from being a cottage industry to a strong player in the games market, with franchise deals to produce boardgames of popular video games producing a huge amount of revenue. But trying to do this yourself without a qualified and experienced executive team can be difficult. Spalding, with his extensive CV that includes roles at Hasbro and Dreamworks, may well be exactly the person they need to help advise young CEO Rich Loxam. This strengthens a board that already includes recent addition, and games industry legend, Ian Livingstone.