Dropfleet: New ship class “Monitors” released

Posted by Wulfyn on 19th November 2019

They’ve only gone and made some new ships! Whilst there are still complaints about how TT Combat have not supported the game in the way that they promised they would since the acquisition of Hawk Games, there has been a slow trickle of new releases. Last year we saw the Destroyer class and then the Dreadnought class added to the game, whilst earlier this year we saw the Resistance finally make it into space. This new class feels like another “in between” level, and like the Destroyer and Battlecruiser seems to offer over-sized weaponry for its class. The boxes themselves contain 3 ships, with each faction having 2 variants. One of them looks to be a dedicated space fighter, with those aforementioned large guns, whilst the other offers some sort of utility.


The PHR ships are true to type offering advanced weaponry, strong armour, but at the cost of some speed. The Castor variant offers quad railguns whose specialist targeting matrix allows them to fire between orbital layers without penalty and pack a huge punch. Meanwhile the Pollux is an Aegis defence boat. Both seem to excel in the role of carrier escorts, with the former being able to sacrifice themselves to keep enemy close range ships away from the battlegroup, whilst the latter gives some invaluable point defence support, allowing the carriers to focus on delivering devastating bomber runs.


The Shaltari ships are similarly slow and powerful, and this causes them to have a different role as they would not be able to keep up with even the larger classes of ship. The Silicon acts as long range support, with weaponry designed to disrupt the power systems of larger ships. This allows the more nimble craft in the fleet to close to within killing range, protected by their shields and better agility. However the real gem is the Selenium, a mobile armoured ship that acts like a voidgate. This gives the faction a completely new play style, as no longer do they have to try and descend their masses of gates into the atmosphere as quickly as possible (where they can be picked off by Corvettes). They are able to descend into the atmosphere and have weapons focused on firing back into orbit, giving the ground troops some cover from the air.


Scourge Monitors are perhaps the most unusual variant of all. Far too slow to be a part of the aggressive tactics employed by main line ships they instead take on more of an ambush predatory role. The Shedu is specifically designed for engaging ships in higher orbital layers, which means that on silent running it can be a big threat to larger strike craft that want to get close. Even a short space of time delay in trying to remove them can allow for much needed reinforcements to arrive due to the high speed of most Scourge vessels. They pair quite nicely with the Lamassu, the smallest ship to be equipped with bulk landers. They can then be deployed close to where additional ground troops are needed and react as required.


And finally the UCM faction. These are a bit of a mixture from the concepts of the PHR, with the Istanbul taking on the combat role with an incredible UF-B-9000 mass driver. This gives it a defensive role as with the Castor, as the enemy capital ships will be wanting to focus their firepower on their class equivalents, but will have to deal with these smaller escort ships first. The Vienna is a dual purpose defence ship, with a small amount of Aegis defence and a small amount of offensive firepower. It features the Mamba Laser, the smallest burnthrough weapon in the game. Whilst this weapon is not especially threatening it can, on it’s day, deliver a huge payload of damage and so enemy ships of Light Cruiser class or smaller will have to respect it.


The ships are available to pre-order now for a Nov 22nd release.