Blood Bowl: Alfea win first team “major” of the year!

Posted by Wulfyn on 14th January 2020

Not to be disheartened by their defeat in the final of the Blood Bowl World Cup, those Italian giants of the team tournament circuit, Alfea, started 2020 with a victory at the UKTC (UK Team Championship). The first big tournament of the year, and one of the unofficial team “majors”, this is a cracking way to start the year. Along with the Tilean Team Cup (Italy), Lutece (France), Bilbali Cup (Spain), and German Team Bowl (unsurprisingly, Germany) the UK Team Championship (in York) is one of the biggest tournaments in Blood Bowl with over 300 players in attendance. Run by Pipey and his team of expert volunteers including Schmee “what’s the number of sustained fire dice on a shuriken cannon?”, Peo “give me a hug”, and someone from t’Yorkshire (love you really!), the event was a huge success. Again.


Congrats also to AvecMontage for winning best painted with his halfling team (thanks to a display base), and to everyone who helped Peo attempt a world record for the most number of hugs in a minute in support of people struggling with mental health issues (and if you are yourself, please please get some help, you are not a burden on anyone, everyone needs a little help at some time in their life).


Conrgrats again to Badstorm, ATP, Diomlord, and captain Panicoblack of Team Alfea for the win!