Blood Bowl WC costs total 282,000 euros

Posted by Wulfyn on 25th November 2019

In a surprise twitter announcement today, the official 2019 Blood Bowl World Cup announced that the total cost of the event had run to 282 thousand euros. Given an attendance of 1400 people this leaves them around 120k short of just the entrance fees that were paid. Running such a large event can of course be extremely expensive, but a budget of a quarter of a million seems excessive even for an event this large (and it is not the cheapest location for the players to visit or stay either).

At a time when there has been mounting criticism of some of the decisions made, such as the skill rings and world cup boards, this news is likely to make many of us quite curious. For example where did the additional money come from, and how was it spent? The tweet predicted such questions by saying that it could not provide a full breakdown due to confidentiality clauses around commercial contracts. This is not especially unusual – after all if you are a venue who offered a discount you don’t want any other future customers to see what you did and ask for the same. But this crypticism of “I have a secret but I’m not telling you” is only going to further exacerbate the situation.

One big concern, for example, is if the NAF had to bridge the gap. We know that our central organisation helps large events by offering loans so that venues and other services can be locked down in advance with deposit payments ahead of ticket sales. If this has happened here and the money not paid back then it leaves all of us worse off. Now this of course is total speculation, and nobody including me is suggesting this did happen, we’re just asking what did happen. Unfortunately all we are getting in return is stock answers deflecting to Torsten.



Edit: So it came to light why the WC organisers did not want to answer my question, and the prediction is true. It also would have been nice had they been a bit more humble about it rather than replying with an angry tirade on Facebook. As it stands the NAF is set to lose around 15,000 euros because of WC overspending, primarily because the merchandise which they were warned would not sell did not sell. The NAF have started a fund raising effort to get the money back, but this involves selling off a lot of their old dice stock – effectively meaning that they lose assets rather than cash. Overall this is still a gift by the NAF to the WC organisers, and represents the payment of around 3000 subs.