Blood Bowl: Non-European teams to be allowed to compete in Eurobowl

Posted by Wulfyn on 11th October 2019

Fantastic news as we find out that a vote was held to decide if non-European teams would be allowed to enter Eurobwl. With Europe being the main continent in which Blood Bowl is played, and with many different countries having a strong player base, the international team competition known as Eurobowl has been held since 2003. Many of the best players in the world compete in this annual competition for their countries, with it only not happening once every 4 years when the World Cup is held instead. But despite it’s name the World Cup is a club or team competition. The Eurobowl takes teams of 8 players to find out who is the best Blood Bowling nation. And it has seen a great growth in popularity over the last decade. Prior to the 2011 World Cup no more than 12 nations had ever been represented in a single tournament, but 2012 saw this increase to 14, and then up to 18 for the next few years until Wales 2018 saw the record broken again with 22 teams as Greece and Ireland made their debuts.


With rumours of Russia also about to make their debut (no doubt filled with strong players from BB2), as well as the Czech Republic, in Poland 2020 we expect the biggest tournament to date. And this could be boosted even further as non-European teams will be allowed for the first time. Given that this is the only international competition it seems fair that it should be expanded beyond just this continent. Australia and the USA are firm favourites to join in, and Canada are all but guaranteed, but with strong World Cup representation from nations like South Africa, Uruguay, and Hong Kong we could see some of these great nations join the fun.


For some past Eurobowl information check out the website: