Blood Bowl: Lizardman release with new skink positional

Posted by Wulfyn on 3rd October 2019

What’s more scary than a skink? Well pretty much everything actually. The strength 2, armour 7, stunty players are about as weak as you get in the game for bashing, but their speed makes them an integral part of the team. Skink hunting is definitely a viable tactic (if you don’t fall into a little position trap in overextending to kill them), especially if your blitzer has Tackle and Mighty Blow. As a solid Tier 1a team they really didn’t need much in the way of extras, but Nuffle has seen fit to add one anyway!

Trading a point of movement for a couple of skills seems like a fair balance. Pass Block isn’t the most useful of skills, but given that many a defensive Skink will be given Diving Tackle (at least in a league, in tournaments they rarely see any upgrades), an extra 3 squares of movement to mark up a receiver could be a big deal. Especially because with Shadowing they can be very difficult to give the slip to. Maybe that’s why the point of movement had to come off? Either way it’ll be interesting to see the NAF reaction to this change. The extra positionals so far have done little to really change the game. An Orc marauder on a Pact team is just +1AV on the line – nice but nothing that anyone would really notice. Positionals for Flings still leave them second bottom in the list, and adds a little fun and flavour to what is essentially a party team. But the granting of something new to a top tier team is an interesting change. The choice alone has to improve them – especially when they can really suffer to stop fast touchdowns.

The team release is, however, in my mind extremely underwhelming. The models look very dated (tho am expecting a new Krox), and a far cry from the amazing miniatures we are seeing in Age of Sigmar and Beastgrave. Sadly Blood Bowl continues to be the worst of the miniature lines that GW are developing, and in the market with the most competition from 3rd party manufacturers. With Greebo having recently released a Lizardman kickstarter ( ), and Exit 23 looking to follow up their Amazon success this may not be the best team to select. Although at £20 a box and a love for official miniatures it will sell, I doubt it is going to generate the same excitement as WarCry or the Necomundan Palatine Enforcers.