Blood Bowl: Amicale Du Push Push win the World Cup!

Posted by Wulfyn on 7th October 2019

Captain Matt Le Fou raised the world cup aloft yesterday after his team went a staggeringly impressive 8-1-0 to win the 4th Blood Bowl world cup hosted in Dornbirn, Austria. He personally went unbeaten with a 6-3-0 Amazon record to put in a real captain’s performance. He was joined by teammates grosnain (Lizardmen 6-0-3), Elyoukey (Undead 5-2-2), BiBi (Wood Elf 4-4-1), Karaak (Human 3-4-2), and Justicium (Necromantic 4-3-2). The French team swept away the competition, being a point ahead of their next nearest challenger going into the final match against them, and winning in a close 3-1-2 result.

Commiserations to their opponents Alfea. Panicoblack (Amazon 3-4-2) led his team well taking them right to the final game. The Italian team seen incredible success over the last 2 years winning many large team competitions  such as the Tilean Team Cup 2019, and Bilbao 2018. It was therefore no surprise to see them take the winners right to the final game. Panico was joined by diomlord (Undead 7-1-1), badstorm (Wood Elf 7-1-1), Yena (Pro Elves 5-2-2), ATP (Dark Elf 3-3-3), and Hamstertaker (Human 2-3-4).


With over 1400 coaches making the trip it was one hell of a party, and despite some first day hiccups the event was run extremely well with hundreds of people pouring out messages of thanks to the organisers, most of who were volunteers paying large sums of money just to be there so that others could enjoy the event. Next year we are back to the Eurobowl rotation in Poland!