Beastgrave: Website Update, Game Info, and AoS Warscrolls

Posted by Wulfyn on 20th September 2019

Expect a full week of Beastgrave hype as Warhammer Communities get their marketing arm into full swing ahead of the pre-release! This week we see a host of info regarding the changes that have been made to the base game. Additionally the website has been updated to include all of the new cards that will be on offer ( ). Lots of new names for the hexes, such as “Feature Hex” which are the objectives, and “Lethal Hexes” which are self explanatory!  The big news of the rules release is that a guarding model can no longer be driven back. This is crucial because it means that this option can now be used to hold objectives and cover key parts of the board, rather than being driven back in one hit and over-run on the next. Perhaps what is best about this however, is that it shows how much the development team at GW are listening and looking at how the game is played and ensuring that redundancy in the game is removed by buffing actions that are so poor they are hardly ever seen outside of experimental builds.


And just for good measure we also have info about how to use the box set warbands in your games of AoS, continuing the 2 year long plan of making every model from a range interconnected to the marquee game.