Beastgrave: Pre-release date set for 21st Sep

Posted by Wulfyn on 16th September 2019

Hot on the heels of the recently previewed Grot wolf-rider warband is the release date for the full core set itself. Not much of a surprise given how this was the only large box set in the pipeline after the release of Aeronautica last month. The Warhammer Community article has a host of additional information. Not only is there the lovely graphics of a new board and box that we have already seen, but GW ramps up their commerciality by offering even more products to help differentiate with dice and card sleeves available upon release. But even more so is a branded carry case, allowing you to have just the right layout to transport your models. And whilst the more cynical members of the community might baulk at such an obvious cash grab, I can attest from personal experience just how useful it is to have a bespoke layout in as small a case as possible for taking your miniatures to a games club or tournament scene. So we’ll have to check the price, but could be the right option. Added to that is a mat, a deck box, additional counters, and even a whole host of terrain, with obvious re-use in Age of Sigmar.