Beastgrave: Grym Watchers new warband announced

Posted by Wulfyn on 29th September 2019

Flesh Eater Courts, or FEC to the likes of you, make an appearance in Beastgrave! Which makes sense given that one of the most novel of the new factions in AoS hadn’t been represented previously. The advertising describes them as characterful – which you would hope for given that they are a smaller band of ghouls as opposed to the ravenous mass of canon fodder (yes I spelt that correctly) in the main game. And whilst anyone who watched my Carrion Empire review ( ) will know I’m not a fan of the ghoul poses (especially the jutting necks), I have to say that these models – well sadly I think they’re even worse. There are a couple of really nice ones I do like, but I think most of them are quite blobby and too cartoonish. But then again I also like BabyMetal so who’s to say whether I am a good judge of anything.

Check them out for yourself: