AT: Warlord Titan carapace weapons released

Posted by Wulfyn on 28th November 2019

The plastic Warlord Titan kits are the only way to get a pair of carapace weapons currently. And whilst the Apocalypse Missile Launcher is a perfectly fine option, it’s been quite restrictive to only have the one option (is a choice of 1 thing even technically an “option”?). In particular it doesn’t synergise well with the loadout of a pair of Volcano Cannon when you want mass laser death.

But that has all changed with Foregworld announcing 3 more weapon sets! Now, Princeps, you can pile on even more misery for your opponent with the choice of Vulcan Mega Bolters, Macro Gatling Blasters, or Turbo Laser Destructors. Say what you will about Games Workshop – they know how to name something.