Archon Studio release 2nd Rampart Terrain Kickstarter

Posted by Wulfyn on 5th December 2019

No sooner than the first KS completes than they open up a second! I went big on this first time around, picking up the 4 core pack set, and am super happy with what I have received. Needless to say this is going to be quite a biased news post! Yes even more than normal… 🙂


Due to high demand they have opened up a second kickstarter. Not only can you get all the great stuff from the first one (with stretch goals as normal), but they have also released a brand new sci-fi themed set called Cobalt Factory. This is a direct competitor to GW’s official Necromunda terrain, and at a much better price point. Of course everyone will have their own taste preference so it may not be for you, but if it retains the quality of the Gothic Cathedral and Aztec Ruins then customers are in for a great set.


To pledge simply follow this link: