AoS: Slaves of Darkness get new Battletome and Start Collecting set

Posted by Wulfyn on 5th December 2019

yes yes yes Yes Yes YES YAAASSS!!!


Ahem. GW are releasing the new Battletome and a Start Collecting box set featuring the new sculpts of the most iconic of their fantasy range: the Chaos Warrior. For many people of a certain age their first foray into fantasy gaming would have been through fearing these enemies in the thin corridors of Heroquest. They have gone through many iterations in the 30 years since then (and indeed before that as well), with the new models perhaps lacking some of the simple charm of yesteryear, but looking unmistakably in their place in modern GW sculpting. With 10 Chaos Warriors and 5 Chaos Knights in each box set you’ll be tempted to round out your army with 3 of these, and at not a bad price. 

That will leave you with 3 Chaos Lords on Karkadraks (try saying that 5 times fast), but given that these absolute units are about the same size as a Sigmarine on a Stardrake there should be plenty of ebay options to make some money back. At least that’s what I am hoping!


So what reveals have their been? Well this looks like it will be the central book to any chaos army, with it being in place to allow for a huge mixture of factions. The Undivided units can swap out that Keyword for one of the Chaos Gods, and receive even more buffs when combined with troops from that particular God’s specific army book. This is going to make them a nightmare to face as you’ll never know exactly what sneaky combinations are going to appear – this being a genuine criticism that people could win games purely because it is impossible for other players to keep up with all their rules. However it is incredibly good news for collectors as they can combine hard with lots of different armies, such as Beastmen who can also take Chaos Marks as keywords from Warscroll Battalions. And to cap it all off you can add your WarCry models as well – including the monsters. Damn!