Aos: New prices look set to stay as Feast of Bones released

Posted by Wulfyn on 21st October 2019

Following hot on the heels of the 40k Psychic Awakening is a new box set for AoS that allows us to finally get our hands on some of the wonderful bone-men of the mortal realms, the Ossiarch Bonereapers. These IP-aware faction are the modern replacement for the much loved Tomb Kings range. And their addition within the set is magnificent with two Morghast Archai as well as Vokmortian and a host of smaller troops. On the other side we have the start of the new Ogor Mawtribe range of models, which is a little more typical of a traditional force of mostly Ogre-sized Ogres. 26 models in total, of which only 10 are “human” sized.


That makes it look much better in value than Psychic Awakening, which contained just a handful of new models and a rehash of some very old ones that collectors of those forces likely already have (or probably don’t really want). But that said this new boxed set has had a price leak at £115. Now that’s better than the £140 of the 40k set, but still a hike on the typical £90 set that we are used to seeing (Carrion Empire, Wrath and Rapture, etc.).