AoS & 40k: New releases for Eldar, Sisters, and Undead

Posted by Wulfyn on 7th October 2019

A triple whammy this week as GW release three new sets of models. Well the first, for 40k, is a box set of some recently released miniatures. This sees Jain Zar and the Howling Banshees in a new boxed set against their Dark Kin of Drazhar and the new plastic Incubi. To boost the contents there are some vehicles, but also some additional new rules. This is both fantastic and troublesome. Whilst it is great to have more new stuff that makes the box set more than a lopsided Start Collecting (I’ve already been asked to split the box with a mate!), we hope that there are other ways to access these new rules without having to buy the models. However GW did have the good commercial sense to stop selling the old resin models and to not start selling the new plastic ones before this boxed set was announced, so that is great for fans to not miss out because they already bought what they wanted.


Next up we have the latest Sisters Battle Bulletin. This one focuses on the archo-flagellants, diving deep into the murky world of the penitent. One of the classic aspects of the lore is how after the Horus Heresy the enlightenment of the Emperor has slipped and decayed into blind worship of him as the God-Emperor of mankind. This makes the Sisters especially important for fulfilling the role of bringing the full horrors of this authoritative oppressive regime to bear not just through stories but also the army options and design (much like how the Adeptus Mechanicus highlight how technology has also slipped).


And finally we have the latest reveal for the replacement to Tomb Kings. This popular faction has been a much missed entry in the Death Alliance since the move to AoS. Bretonnian Ghouls (maybe) and Ghosts are all good fun, but neither have that raw archetypical death feel as skeleton hordes rising from the ground. The new models look incredible, and the new offering does not disappoint. Orpheon Katakros may be a bit of a mouthful to say, but expect him to become a regular choice among the skeletal legions as a prime leader of the army.