40k: Three more books nobody wants

Posted by Wulfyn on 30th November 2019

It’s open day 2019, and with that means more release news. Isn’t it great that in 2019 we now feel privileged to be marketed to? Anyway I’m waiting on the edge of my seat (mainly due to bad posture) for news about Slaves to Darkness, and the hope that I can splash at least £100 on a boxed set of plastic chaos-shaped crack. In the meantime there is some excellent news about more plastic Sisters being released, as everyone lucky enough to get in fast for the box set must be about done with painting them by now (ahhha hahaha, sorry).


The Adeptus Mechanicus finally pledge that flying is not the work of the devil, and set about making what is clearly far to close to the first draft version of anything with this ugly monstrosity that everyone agrees looks absolutely awful, yet also everyone agrees is something they want. Me included. And I don’t collect AM. But want.


And finally there is news that Psychic Awakening is going to carry on for at least 3 more books. Ritual of the Damned, The Greater Good, and Saga of the Beast are also truly disappointing names given that it is clearly going to be chaos, Tau, and Ork focused. Which means we all have to buy them for new rules. See previous news post about rules ransoming.