40k: Small Soldiers join the Sons of Dorn

Posted by Wulfyn on 20th September 2019

And as one phase of the 1st Founding (and friends!) Chapter supplements draws to a close, so the next wave starts to get release info. With Ultramarines and White Scars covered in phase 1, and Raven Guard and Iron Hands covered in phase 2, so we move on to the next pairing of the VII and XVII Legions, the Imperial Fists and Salamanders. No chapter rules out as yet, although plenty of seemingly false leaks abound, but we do have a couple of “new” characters. The Imperial Fists new marine is confirmed asĀ Tor Garadon, Captain of the 3rd Company and huge fan (not!) of Lysander. Sporting some spiffy armour that allows him to mount his gun on his backpack (seriously why do none of the others do this?), leaving his spare arm free as a sort of Imperial Markerlight that allows a nearby unit to have a BS of 2+. But that might not be as valuable as the same ability on Iron Daddy Ferrios as Garadon is likely to want to be upfield, putting the Fist into Imperial Fisting. With flat 3 damage and a whopping x3 Strength modifier, a +1 damage vs. Vehicles and the almost neverpresent buildings, this guy would be a serious threat to any heretic knight were it not for his interminably slow speed (well 5 vs a normal 6 really isn’t that bad, unlike his gun which is so terrible you won’t mind advancing anyway).

And yet even in this relatively harmless release there can still be controversy. Yes, on the internet! It seems like Tor Garadon is really none other than Major Chip Hazard of the film Small Soldiers. But, given that the 3rd company were the poster boys of the Imperial Fist 7th Edition of 40k, at least enough to get their own heraldry book which baulked the canon that they are firmly in adherence to the markings of the Codex Astartes with a little old-legion leakage of black flair, we rather somewhat like this imagining of the character (courtesy of reddit user theTurbanatore ).

It’s the one on the right we like.