40k: Plastic Incubi released as Psychic Awakening heats up

Posted by Wulfyn on 16th September 2019

GW do lore pretty well. But I think what they don’t do well is these community based articles speaking of these big lore based in game events. I for one am totally confused about what is going on. But what I’m not confused about is just how amazing these new plastic Eldar (Aeldari!) are. A couple of weeks ago we saw some new plastic Howling Banshees released, and now we have some of their dark kin in plastic too. The Incubi are a mainstay of the raiding sects and covens who appear as if from nowhere to steal slaves and souls for their masters. At present we just have the Klaivex (the dark version of an Exarch). Could this mean that the Psychic Awakening is the space elves coming back in force? And by force I mean in a way that you don’t break your back carrying your battleforce around because the only good models are metal?