40k: Phoenix Rising Box set at a staggering £140

Posted by Wulfyn on 13th October 2019

Yes you do get a lot of models in the box. Well actually you don’t get that many, but some are vehicles. On the Craftworld side you get Jain Zar, 5 new Howling Banshees, a Falcon and a Viper (8 models). On the Drukhari side you get Drazhar, 5 new Incububi, 5 Scourges, 5 Hellions, and a Dark Viper errr Venom (17 mondels). So that’s a thing right? So we have £100 of models as per the GW store, not including the new stuff. Plus a book and some accessories.

But people are not going to care that much about the book is my guess. A nice to have for collectors who can get it separately if they want. They are also not going to care much about the older models. The Craftworlds army box set for £107.50 feels much better value (effectively being the £55 Start Collecting! box set, plus 10 Guardians, the Falcon, and a Gun Platform + Crew). Similarly the Drukhari Start Collecting! does as well. But that could also be irrelevant – the people who really want the new stuff are going to be existing collectors who probably don’t want to be drawn into paying that much (even as a splitsies) for models they either already have or don’t want. They will just wait for the new plastic models to be released.

So why the high price? My guess is a mixture of a great year and the success of the £165 Grand Master Adeptus Titanicus box set, which they made a limited run of because they thought it had no chance of selling, and almost sold out twice. But I think that was a different story. It was a new game, and an old game at the same time. The first incarnation of titans for over 15 years has a strong nostalgia. Plus people wanted all the bits, splitting armies was easy when there is basically only 1 range of models, and the box set gives you a whole Warlord titan for free over the individual bits. Try making a new £140 Titan box set that features not only a new Imperator, but also crams in another Reaver and a couple Warhounds and people will be more sceptical. If you want an Imperator you already have a nice group is my bet.

So we’ll have to see how well it does. And with more supposedly on the way (a lot more aspect warriors to get through, plus we are only at the start of the Force Awakens storyline), will the others have the same price point? Is it even too late for GW to do anything if it flops?