40k: Jain Zar returns!!

Posted by Wulfyn on 23rd September 2019

In possibly the most obvious release that has ever happened other than more Primaris Lieutenants, the long awaited Phoenix Lord for the Eldar just happens to be from the same Aspect as the recently released plastic Howling Banshees. But let not my cynicism put you off gentle reader as this is a cracking model, whose appearance will only be toppled by the constant toppling over of what looks to be quite a top heavy sculpt. But what else are those 2p pieces you’ve been collecting for?


This marks the first release of the psychic awakening that definitely has some Eldar overtones, given tha it was the fall of the Eldar, sorry Aeldari, that marked the awakening of Slaanesh and all her/his tentacle goodness. But Jain Zar is an absolute brute with one of my favourite rules in the game. A whirling killer such as her shouldn’t be hampered by being swamped by a horde of red-shirts, after all I too have seen Kill Bill, and so she may replace the number of attacks she has with instead 1 for every model within 2″. Holy Hellbane.