40k: Imperial Fist and Salamander Codex FAQs released

Posted by Wulfyn on 19th November 2019

As expected (and hoped for!) the Imperial Fist auto-kill a Warlord Titan rule is no more! The Vigilus book on Siege Masters has been updated so that mortal wounds now only occur on an unmodified 6 and not a 6+. This means that the +1 to wound a vehicle strat and the Chaplain litany can no longer take this to a 4+. But even without it the Centurion Devastators still pack a hell of a punch, because whilst they only do 1/3rd of the mortal wounds they used to they are still wounding T8 on a 3+ with Heavy Bolters and 4+ with Boltguns! It’s not one-shot Warlord Titan devastation, but it is still going to take out a Knight.


Meanwhile the Salamanders also received the much called for nerf (and like the Fists, you know it is needed when even people who play that faction want it!). Self Sacrifice had the ability to make nearly your whole army immune to shooting attacks if set up in a way where the sacrificing unit was well placed. Now it is limited to protecting a single additional unit that is quite close. Still very powerful for keeping a key unit alive long enough to pack a punch, and so still a great strategem.


Check the rest out for yourself at the Warhammer Community FAQ page: https://www.warhammer-community.com/faqs/