New Khemri Playbook

Posted by Taureauamiral on 26th November 2019

Most urban legends say that Khemris are bashy and lethal with their four Tomb Guardians. That they can dish out plenty of casualties but that they have trouble picking up the ball, let alone moving it. If we listen to some more stories, it seems a Khemri coach should consider himself lucky to score a meager touchdown once in a while.

In his playbook, Taureau Amiral rises against these urban legends. Sure, Khemris possess much strength, but that doesn’t mean they’re particularly violent. Also, a player with an agility of 2 will not fail every pickup attempt, neither does it entirely rule out passes and handoffs. Finally, Khemris have more options than the odd 1-0 win or 1-1 draw. Instead, they should aim for 2-0, 2-1 and 1-0 wins, and draw when everything fails.

Sure, coaching Khemris is far from rosy! Sure, there is always some truth in urban legends. But Khemris have their place under the golden sun, provided you sprinkle your plays with a healthy dose of blue magic coaching powder. 

Khemri Playbook