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    To stall, or not to stall; that is the question:
    Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer
    The zings and pows of outrageous fortune,
    Or to take claw against a sea of elves
    And by opposing end them? To block: to skull;
    No reroll; and by a skull to say we end
    The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks
    That is to one in thirty-six, ‘…[Read more]

  • Dan started the topic Guildball Hemel Tourny in the forum Blogs 4 months, 1 week ago

    This year we’re looking to branch out from just focusing on Blood Bowl to explore other amazing games. Guild Ball is a game that I have been playing for a number of years casually, using the prize vouchers from my first Blood Bowl tournament win to buy the season 1 rulebook. As the game moves into its 4th season (version of the r…[Read more]

  • Dan started the topic Europen Team Review in the forum Blogs 9 months, 3 weeks ago

    Wotfudboy has written up about his time at the Europen. Joining two friends in a team of 3 they entered into the sister competition of the Eurobowl in Cardiff at the weekend:
    When Howlinggriffon (Darren) and Mr_Frodo (Andrew) asked me to fill a gap in their Team Redshirts Europen squad I was both delighted an excited to join them in…[Read more]

  • And to the final part of our Eurobowl guide – the top 3 ranked teams:
    3. France (223.41)
    History and winners:

    • Present from the very first Eurobowl in 2003, France then played a few times in the middle of the table, before starting its ascent to become a major nation of the Eurobowl, the third most titled nation (besides, only 4…

    [Read more]

  • Dan started the topic EDF Eurobowl Review – Pt4 in the forum Blogs 10 months ago

    Another 3 teams here leaving us with just 3 more to go in the final article in this series next time. These are the nations that, although not favourites, will be seeking to cause an upset. A top 3 place is a minimum that these nations are aiming for – and who knows a sneaky win may be on the cards?
    As ever, over to Galanthil for the…[Read more]

  • Dan started the topic EDF Eurobowl Review – Pt3 in the forum Blogs 10 months ago

    Continuation of our our translation of the French captain’s review of the Eurobowl 2018 teams. Now we head into the top 10 even greater analysis is provided. Will make all us stats nerds weep with joy! This article is for the next 4 teams on the list: Wales, Switzerland, Denmark, and Scotland.
    10. Wales (189.58)
    History and winners:

    • First…

    [Read more]

  • Hi everyone! The EDF is the French Eurobowl group who organise the formation of their team to send. This year Galanthil (@Galanthil) won the captaincy and is writing up a series about how each team may fare in the big competition that is now just 2 weeks away! These are being posted up daily on the EDF twitter feed (@EDFBloodbowl) if you are able…[Read more]

  • Hello Blood Bowl fans! Back in the depths of time we announced that we were running a painting competition on our artwork section of this website. We had a fantastic response with the standard of quality just through the roof. I am very happy with my decisions to have five winners and also to pass off the difficulty of judging to JBone (@JBoneDS)…[Read more]

  • A key aspect of the game is momentum. Players who are knocked down cannot hit back, meaning they often stand up and get hit again. Players who are knocked down lose 3 squares of movement meaning that even if they are left free they often cannot get back to defend. You only get one blitz a turn. A key play that you are able to do at the start of a…[Read more]

  • Dan started the topic Eurobowl 2018 Coverage in the forum Blogs 10 months, 2 weeks ago

    We’re very pleased to announce that we will be live streaming from Cardiff for Eurobowl 2018! In addition to that we’ll have the live draw as well as a preview show talking about how we think everyone will get on. All the info can be found in the video.
    The streams will be on and please follow @nafwales and @…[Read more]

    Hello! That man AndyDavo, Dark Elf extraordinaire of Twitch tv superstardom has been rather busy on his YouTube channel recently with some excellent guides. One of the things I really like about his YT and Twitch channel is how he is so free and open with discussing his thought process. It’s one thing to take some articles written for some…[Read more]

  • Dan started the topic Offensive Drive Pt2 – Anti-Blitz in the forum Blogs 1 year ago

    We all know that feeling. You finally get off work after a long week and arrive bright and early on a Saturday morning to a tournament. This is going to be a great weekend! You’ve said hi to your friends and traded old stories from years gone past. You sit down and get out your favourite team. Your opponent is happy chatting away and…[Read more]

  • Introduction
    One of the most interesting parts of the game for me, tactically, are the setups. A lot of this derives from my love of chess and the need to study opening positions. Blood Bowl is a far more complex game than chess (having a far greater number of possible moves multiplied by the random nature of the dice rolls), and so this means…[Read more]

  • Dan started the topic Blood Bowl 7s in the forum Blogs 1 year, 1 month ago

    For many people the summer means it is time to put aside the regular format of the game and switch over to some Blood Bowl 7s. This speedy variant is fast paced and action packed. The image above shows a slimmed down BB7s board – you’ll notice it has smaller dimensions and no line of scrimmage. Without further ado here’s Jip Jipperson to explain…[Read more]

  • Dan started the topic Tilean Team Cup 2018 Report in the forum Blogs 1 year, 1 month ago

    The Tilean Team Cup is an annual tournament that matches up the very best teams in Italy. At stake is hosting rights for the next one, and so naturally teams are formed from players from the same clubs to win the fame and prestige of being the group that brought it home. Luckily for us the Italian community is so friendly and…[Read more]

  • Dan replied to the topic TBS – Lizardmen in the forum Tactics 1 year, 2 months ago

    The intention for this article is not to present a single solved build, but rather a range of good options that coaches can take. In particular I think that different playstyles will lend themselves more to one build than another on an individual basis, so one of the things I want to do with this article is talk about the style / strategy that you…[Read more]

  • Dan started the topic TBS – Lizardmen in the forum Tactics 1 year, 2 months ago

    With a Krox, 6 Saurus,  4 Skinks, and 2 rerolls coming to 980 TV this team is effectively an auto-pick with just a slight variation. With the remaining 120k you have to pick 2 of the following 3 options:

    • A third reroll
    • A fifth skink
    • An apo and a bit

    In a typical 6 normal skill tier 1 build you’ll want to put everything on the…[Read more]

  • Links to articles already written:

  • Hello everyone. In addition to a continuation of the tactics series I am starting a new one about tournament builds. But for this I need your help!
    The idea is to have in 1 year each of the 26 races have an article on the tacklezone talking about tournament builds for that race. My plan is to start a topic on this forum for a race, and then at…[Read more]

  • Welcome to the third part of my tactical series discussing the namesake of this website – tackle zones! Here we take an in depth look from first principles at the most important aspect of the game, understanding and exploiting the space in the field. As a quick recap:

    • In Part 1 we looked at how to mark up opposing…

    [Read more]

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