• I’ve gone by many names. Purplegoo is the one that you may know me by, and to be honest it’s becoming increasingly embarrassing that you do as 40 approaches. Phil, sure. Philip, hello mum / Paul Gegg. Nicole! Yes, I saw that ad too, you’re the first person to make that joke. Idiot, of course. Pillock, moron… Oh, you get the idea. Many names. Befor…[Read more]

  • Geordiebowl XI (cripes – that is a big image! Blimey, WordPress. Go home, you’re drunk…)
    Howay, man, pet. Down the Grove later, like? Gonna be a propa Bobby dazzler. PJ, my eyes, fog on the Tyne. Och aye the noo.
    I would love it (love it) if any of that passage made sense to me. But as a normal human with a passable to fine understanding of t…[Read more]

  • NAFC 2019
    For those that have been living under a rock for the past sixteen years, let me quickly bring you up to speed with the important events as I remember them. The United States of America are now governed by benevolent dictator, prominent Buddhist and inventor of temperature, Taylor Swift. Racism is a thing of the past, thanks to the Nobel…[Read more]

  • Dungeonbowl 2019
    This month, for the eighth time, I made the usually uneventful journey to Dusseldorf for the Dungeonbowl. I say usually, there was a year where Dave Downes (acting as chauffer, pilot and maniac) decided to play chicken with a tram in his car full of petrified nerds, but we don’t talk about that much apart from when we’re in the…[Read more]

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    REVA Once

    In 138 BC, two events of international note took place. Firstly, Lycos held a phenomenal 21st birthday party still spoken about with great reverence today. Then, once the hangovers had cleared, a (probably) Roman chap named Decimus Junius Brutus founded Valencia. The reasoning for this is not clear (or: I stopped reading the Valencia…[Read more]

  • CamDub VI
    (Warning. Image may not depict Blood Bowlers or Blood Bowl venue.)
    There may be a slightly different feel to my blog this month, as the weekend of 24 / 25 Nov. was the sixth running of Cambridge Double Trouble (‘Cam Dub’). I both co-organised and played in the event, so hopefully this column will be fun (first time for everything! Down…[Read more]

  • German Team Bowl 2018
    For the second time in 2018, this September I visited lovely Germany to play lovely Blood Bowl. The destination was Cologne in the centre-west of the country, and this time, I was part of a four-man posse contesting the German Team Bowl. Coaches had come from far and wide to compete for the title of German Team Champions;…[Read more]

  • Thrudball 2018
    August this year marked my return to sunny Bognor Regis on the south coast of England and to the mighty Thrudball. Like almost no other UK tournament I know of, Thrud holds a special status for a band of dedicated, almost feverish attendees. This army of passionate supporters loves Thrud for three main reasons. Firstly, Thrud is…[Read more]

  • III Bilbali Teams Cup. Memorial Aitor

    You’ll get used to this logo…
    In July of 2017, four intrepid English souls took a trip to the Basque country (absolutely not Spain!) to participate in the second Bilbao Teams Cup (BTC). It’s fair to say that it knocked our socks off, and we banged on about it for twelve months; irritating anyone sil…[Read more]

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    The issue with talking about roster choices you can make for the big four races in vanilla rulesets is that the teams are so good, most ideas are great. A Sidestep Wardancer, we probably all agree, is not as good as a Strip Ball or Frenzy / Tackle Wardancer, but that’s no consolation when it’s right up in your grill, bossing you about. You can’t…[Read more]

  • Not sure about the <br />s – I do keep deleting them, but they come back!

  • Greetings!
    Schmee-Goo productions are proud to announce that Cambridge Double Trouble, your all doubles, all pairs, Cambridge Blood Bowling extravaganza is returning on the 24th / 25th November. For those returning; the only difference from last year is that there a couple of racial tier tweaks and we’re welcoming Bretonnians and Khorne. We’re…[Read more]

  • PalinkaBowl 3
    NAFC Preamble
    This month, in an attempt to further broaden my BB horizons (and also to have a lovely holiday), I traveled to Budapest with five British chums to play in the third PalinkaBowl.
    But, hang on, I hear you muttering, wasn’t this the month of the NAF Championship? I’m sure many of you were expecting me to cover my NAFC…[Read more]

  • Monkeybowl XIII
    (I couldn’t find the MB logo online, so please accept a shot of the Watermonkey trophy: awarded to the best placed coach across the Waterbowl and Monkeybowl every year)
    The Monkeybowl is one of the UK’s big fish. Brendan (Pipey, the TO) claims that the MB was the first NAF tournament to introduce a racial tiering system, and w…[Read more]

  • Hi all,
    The April Glicko ranking update is live.
    Along with the update to your numbers, we have some terrific new features for you this month.
    – Dan / Wulfyn has written a lovely blog explaining the Glicko ranking system in more depth. If you have questions about mu, phi or the background of this system, read on!
    – Nick / mubo has created a…[Read more]

  • The Dungeonbowl

    Germany. Home of the penalty shoot-out victory. The Black Forest. Oktoberfest. The winner of the coveted ‘Greatest Haircut Since the Dawn of Time’ competition. Most importantly of all, Germany (Düsseldorf, to be precise) is the home of the Dungeonbowl.

    Rudi Voller. He also won the World Cup, I think, but that’s less…[Read more]

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    Hi all,

    Some exciting news for NAF members today, as we are launching our new Glicko ranking system, implemented by Nick Harding / mubo.

    These rankings aren’t designed to replace the Elo numbers you’ve been used to since NAF rankings began, they are simply a new way of processing NAF data and ranking coaches, and will run in parallel. The Glicko…[Read more]

  • The Waterbowl

    In the UK, the month of February is illuminated by all things Waterbowl. From humble beginnings in the local bookstore (Waterstones, hence the league name), Manchester’s finest have come a long way. Now, a 50 strong league meet fortnightly in the North West Gaming Centre (NWGC) to fight it out for Lancastrian dominance. More i…[Read more]

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  • It’s a goodie, is this. Anyone umming and ahhring should get stuck in!
    It would be 3 in 4 weekends for me, so the negotiation is ongoing, or I would have signed up already!

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