• Question: What exactly is the claim from the top BT*2 proponents?
    That a) it’s optimal or b) The additional responsiveness is necessary at the business end of highly competitive tournaments like EB?
    I’m taking 2x BT to Cardiff purely because I trust Goo’s opinion on this more than my own, but I’d be much more hesitant to move away from 6x Block at…[Read more]

  • I’d start with:

    W6 to S2 (if we turnover-fail something its better to have the BC on the side rather than in range of both ghouls and S2 specifically provides a surf assist if we roll pushes on the wight later)

    P8 to Q4

    O4 blocks wight
    Depending on block dice O6 likely ends up surfing the wight or ghoul and the rest of team dodge out of…[Read more]

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