Making the Stadium

Posted by Wulfyn on 18th October 2017

The background for the website uses a custom built stadium to create the picture of a game being played, and here’s how I made it! Now to start with a confession: as I knew this was just going to be for a picture from one angle as a one time thing the stadium is both only half built, and also temporary in construction!

To start with we have the main walls of the stands. These are from Battle Systems tabletop wargame scenery. I originally bought this to create more compelling terrain for DnD, but it has excellent applications for this as well. It is push fit cardboard using little plastic joiners and is quite sturdy in construction. It is a bit expensive and I needed 3 basic sets to create what you see in the picture (remember you don’t see about a third required for support on the rear sides. Fortunately I already had all that I needed so it only cost me a few hours to assemble everything.


The corner towers were the trickiest part as the system doesn’t really like things being too cramped, especially with doorways above other doorways. This was not clipped together as much and not connected to the walkways, rather requiring a bit of a balancing act!


The system also comes with some push fit dungeon scenery. This allowed me to create some food stalls in the corners using book-cases as shelves and barrels and chests for storage areas.

From this point I thought I had a good structure but it was still missing something. I needed to create some stands on the lower levels. Partly because the walls looked too bland, and partly because who was going to beat up players pushed off the field if nobody was down there? After looking around I saw this excellent scenery pack from Iron Golems. Two of these would give me the 8 stanchions that I needed as well as some other bits – the advertising fences in particular were an unexpected bonus that really helped with the look of the sidelines.

For the ground I originally bought a 6’x4′ battlemat thinking that I could lay some markings over the top. However the mat itself was just not suitable being too dark and just not looking right. I thought it would be fine for the areas surrounding the pitch but what I really needed was a proper blood bowl pitch itself. This I got from Deep-Cut Studio. I’ve bought some of their other mats before for other games and the quality and detail is spectacular (check out their Dropfleet Commander orbital mats!).

Now all I needed was some models to go on it! Thanks here mostly to BSKing, who provided the large bulk of the models. They were also so good it allowed me to create a few themes here and there. For example in the bottom right corner we see a load of warhammer orcs, and I was delighted to see some goblin netters in among them. That allowed for the idea that the netters would hide behind the advertising and when a player was knocked against it they would chuck a net over them and then the orcs would come and beat on the player. Typically brutal!

There were also a few models from other game systems for a bit of variety (such as Guildball and Bushido) – mainly because these were some of the best painted figures I own and I thought that the good quality would help the picture. My favourite models for the crowd, however, are the Greebo renaissance undead. In total there are over 350 models used for the picture.

Centre stage are the two teams. I have put these up in the artwork section as well with more information, but they are my 2 favourite teams I own. On the left we have the Rolljordan norse team expertly painted by Nippylongskar, and on the right the RN Estudio Eternals team expertly painted by Minotaur Painting studio.