Long Feint Tactic

Posted by Taureauamiral on 5th March 2019

Do you need a spark to fire up your offensive? Long feints can help you destabilize your opponent’s defensive equilibrium and open the way to your breakthrough. It even has some merits against a very skillful coach since it is then a kind of pressure that could persuade him to move resources he would otherwise use to stick spokes in your deathroller’s wheels.

Or is it that you are at the wrong end of the stick and are sick of seeing your defensive easily skirted? Maybe long feints are commonly used against you. A good study of this tactic could help you to no longer be a victim and, who knows, maybe you could even add it to your own offensive arsenal.

This deceptive tactic is developed step by step in the article linked below.

Long Feint Tactic – Blood Bowl Strategies