AndyDavo’s guide to Tabletop

Posted by Wulfyn on 22nd September 2019

Hello! That man AndyDavo, Dark Elf extraordinaire of Twitch tv superstardom has been rather busy on his YouTube channel recently with some excellent guides. One of the things I really like about his YT and Twitch channel is how he is so free and open with discussing his thought process. It’s one thing to take some articles written for some general rules, but quite another to see how one of the world’s best adapts with all the disasters that Nuffle throws at you! And most recently he’s made an excellent guide to how to move from online Blood Bowl to attending your first event and how to go about it (and you may have worked out by now that we’re big fans of tabletop tournaments here on the tacklezone!).




But it doesn’t just stop there. Want an in depth view into the evolution of a single race in a competitive league, covering everything from skill selection and rebuilding to in game tactics? Then you are also covered with a great range of different teams getting their own playlist. For example here’s a series about his run with Chaos Dwarves.



My personal favourite has been his World Cup run. Nothing gets you focused on not making a mistake in any single turn like something being on the line like your entire World Cup run. I won’t spoil anything for you but it is well worth watching those videos, and indeed one of them we’ll be using in a future tactics article of how Andy set about destroying an opponent’s drive based on a simple set up mistake by his opponent. Best place to start is with his thoughts on building a team for it.



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