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    You know the drill by now! Just take a look at the snapshot from a game above and let us know what you would do in this situation. You are the Chaos Dwarf coach about to take your first turn. The Dark Elves have spilled the ball, how much pressure can you put them under? This is from a tournament game, so each team had 1.1m to spend and six skills available. These are marked as follows: B = Block, G = Guard, L = Leader, D = Dodge, w = Wrestle, bt = Break Tackle, mb = Mighty Blow.

    What Was The Play? #7

    It was interesting to me that edition #7 received relatively little interest. Perhaps you needed to have seen what the coach in question actually did, but for me this was a great learning exercise. I felt that the Dwarfs had overcommitted slightly to the top of the board, and this was a perfect opportunity for the Chaos Dwarfs to take advantage and break down lower sideline. However, as I said this is only a slight over commitment and Dwarfs are not out of the game by any means. The Chaos Dwarfs must play a good turn here to gain enough momentum to keep the drive going. For me this is the perfect synergy of strategy and tactics, and these kinds of turns are the ones that set the great apart from the good! Let’s see where the Chaos Dwarfs actually ended up:

    I saw this any immediately thought “he has let the Dwarfs off the hook”. They can easily get back into the game here, and indeed that is how the game turned out – the Chaos Dwarf drive spluttered to a halt and the game ended with the score unchanged.  The aim of this turn would be to get forward, to drive into the opposition half and threaten and unstoppable breakaway. But instead the Hobgoblin ball carrier has actually moved a square further away from his destination endzone! In addition the Chaos Dwarfs have got their key Guard Bull Centaur bogged down in the centre field rather than in a position to support a future break away. So what could have the Chaos Dwarfs have done differently?

    The first thing would to pressure the Dwarfs with contact. In the picture above the cage is safe but next turn the Dwarfs can two dice block the Minotaur quite easily and reposition most of their team. A more aggressive turn from the Chaos Dwarfs might end up looking something like this:

    The Minotaur has blocked the Runner rather than Blitzer, creating a positional roadblock and trapping the Blitzer in, with the added benefit that the Runner does not have Block should the Minotaur have rolled a 1/9. Every Chaos Dwarf and Bull Centaur is in contact, hampering both the Dwarfs’ ability to reposition and to throw blocks in the key area towards the bottom of the pitch. Yet the cage itself is no less safe than in the picture above. The Guard Bull Centaur has made three GFIs to get right round to where he is most threatening in the following turn. The Dwarfs are now unlikely to be able to recover positionally, and the Chaos Dwarfs should be able to progress down the bottom sideline easily in their next turn.

    Thanks for reading! If you like these please comment or even just press the like button. I get plenty of people saying how much they enjoy these in real life, but the immediate feedback online is quite limited. If you really like my Blood Bowl articles you might even consider contributing to my Patreon page. At the moment I am writing a series of Patreon-exclusive NAF World Cup 2019 guides, one for each of the 26 teams!

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