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    Welcome to another episode of What’s The Play. As always just tell us what you would do in the situation pictured. This time you are the Skaven coach, and although you find yourself 1-0 up, at the start of your turn your ball carrier is in no fewer than four opposing tackle zones! How will you escape? Both teams are playing their first game, so no additional skills to consider this time.

    Thanks for the feedback, due to some of that we will post a picture of what actually happened in the game after a reasonable period of time for people to comment.




    I am sure there is a clever chain push in there somewhere but I can’t reliably get the assist on the second rat ogre block. I will be very interested to see how a good coach works it.

    So having timed myself out of a better solution I revert to the ball carrier blitz and my opponent is probably quite happy I am:

    Gutter runner to L9 to assist.
    Ball carrier blitzes M9. If they go down we’re super happy, push we take it, 1/9 we reroll.
    For all success results push down and follow. Now we run off to G13, with the dodge if required.
    If we still have the reroll I’m tempted to Go one more to F14.
    Stormvermin blocks the blitzer P12 to free the linerat who goes to L13 to tie up the ulf.
    M11 might block the pushed lineman if he isn’t down which could free the Rogre block but discretion may be the better part of valour at this point.

    65% chance for the thrower to not go down I think, which pretty well reflects my coaching ability.



    Had a coffee.

    Runner to L8
    N10 blocks M9, if push send up and blitz with N9.
    Thrower dodge out.
    Similar spot to hide and screen as before and you can additional block to whatever your risk break point is.

    81%+ chance of success and critically 89% the thrower is standing.

    Edit. For additional risk reward Stormvermin block, linerat can run around with a GFI to assist from L9.
    Block and dodge as before but you can hand off to runner to properly FO.

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