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    The work for the website is being done in two parts for what we are calling phase 2a.

    The first part is, as per last week’s update, a fix of all the bugs highlighted by our early sign ups (thanks for this!). See last week’s post for a full list of these. They are being worked on and good progress is being made and they are scheduled for completion early December.

    The second part is some increased forum functionality. We decided for launch just to go with the basic features of a wordpress forum plugin as that allowed us to go live and for day 1 was absolutely fine for what we needed. But I think we all agree that the forum needs a bit of sprucing up so that people enjoy using it. Some things are as simple as making the default text a bit smaller, but the range of things you can do after that is quite limited – as the admin here I can post full html and even that is not great. Even something as simple as creating extra line spaces is not working.

    Because of that we are working on increased formatting options. Our wish list is:

    – Change font size
    – Change font colour
    – Change font style (bold, italic, underline, strikethrough)
    – Change font position (normal, subscript, superscript)
    – Line spacing
    – Bullet points (dots and numbers, with indenting for multiple levels)
    – Quoted text
    – Add pictures in line
    – Add youtube videos in line
    – Tables
    – Alignment (left/right/centre/justified)
    – Links
    – Emjois

    This is also being worked on with the idea of having it done mid-December. The aim is to not rush things and make sure it is all looking good and working well and then we will be in a great place to advertise wider and get more people using the site in the new year.

    Thanks for your patience!

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