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    The first wave of sign ups from the soft launch was a great success, proving that the majority of the core functionality works. There were a list of bugs that were discovered and so rather than advertise wider to get more people on whilst the bugs are present we’re going to fix the bugs first. We’ve scheduled in November to complete this, so whilst of course people are free to come on and use the website I’m not going to push for more users in this time.

    Also the forums are a little basic at the moment – again a deliberate decision to get us live quickly and then revisit. This is also going to be done in November with the idea of adding some more commonly seen features and formatting options to posting.

    Thanks to everyone for their feedback so far – it really helps us to improve the website!

    – L/T: Zip code entry which links to google maps is getting confused when just a digit zip code is entered (it defaults to America). This is solved by putting a town name in it. Editing the field name and adding a description to guide users.
    – L: New leagues are not being created in the League forum but in another place.
    – L/T: It is unclear how to edit a tournament (it is possible but there is no specific button). An option under ‘My Account’ will be added.
    – All: Sometimes when updating a League/Tournament/Artwork/Blog there is an HTTP 500 error.
    – L/T: When editing a League/Tournament the address field only opens if you re-select it is a tabletop league.
    – L: The league key is unclear on usage and is merging data when editing. Field description to be added with instructions on how to use and change in profile (which is also hard to do).
    – Mobile: Menu overlay is too large for Android phones.
    – L: Spelling error “Leage”
    – L/T: Display page looks off when an entry uses a second line in title or description. Fixing layout.
    – L/T/A: Adding a ” or ‘ (especially when copy-pasting) results in a large number of /////// being added. Changing call procedure to fix.
    – L/T: Search by closest is putting areas closer than points.
    – Forum: Showing incorrect last user to post.
    – T: NAF Sanctioned should be in the filter.

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