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    Happy new year! Is that a bit late? Probably but so is this update.


    The main news is that advertising is coming to the website. This is a custom portal that was developed in order to ensure that the adverts are specific to our hobby and not just general google ad-words that never show anything you are interested in and detract from the website experience. There will be just a single banner at the top of the screen, and it will not move the page around (especially annoying on mobile devices as you tap and then the page moves meaning you end up hitting some annoying spam link). This is really important for us as we want to continue website development in lots of cool new areas. And if you have suggestions as to what that should be then let me know!


    Now to find some people that are interested in taking adverts out. If you are email me at admin@thetacklezone.net and I will get you set up.

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