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    The serpentine tendrils of these alien vessels shimmer against the starlight as they deliver their devastating ground assault troops to key human cities. Incredibly fast, with vicious weaponry and stealth technology, a Scourge Admiral is well able to field a vast array of ship types to the orbital battlefields. With so much choice it would be easy to pick poorly, and so here we present an overview of all the ships available to this faction. If you haven’t already done so please read our Which Dropfleet Faction Is Right For You? guide as that will help introduce some key concepts. And in this list we’ll start from the smallest classes up to the largest. Ratings are game-wide, so you can compare the number of stars of this faction to all others.


    The ability to “hide” in atmosphere, forcing the space-only ships to hit you on a 6, is the best defence that Strike Carriers have. This alone can make them all but immune to enemy ships. The solution to this is the Corvette, with Atmospheric capable weapons specifically designed to hunt through the clouds. Their entire role is about denying enemy Strike Carriers the ability to just sit on Clusters the entire game.


    Nickar |Hunter-Killer| 22pts  

    Scan Sig Thrust Hull Armour Point Def Special Abilities
    6 2 16 2 6+ 2 Atmospheric
    Weapon Lock Attacks Damage Arc Special Abilities
    Plasma Squall 4+ D6 1 F/S/R Air to Air, Close Action, Scald


    A very strong choice for the Scourge, and one that commits to their aggressive playstyle. Taking out enemy Strike Carriers is important for any faction, but nothing screams “total war” like the Nickar. With a 16″ thrust it can easily be in Atmosphere around the enemy home clusters causing problems on Turn 2, forcing your opponent to consider committing their own resources to fighting them off rather than deploying properly. The only things that let them down is the volatility of their weapon system (you just know you’ll roll 1 for the number of attacks at the critical time), and a 6+ armour save.



    Gargoyle |Strike Carrier|


    Charybdis |Frigate|

    Djinn |Frigate|

    Harpy |Frigate|

    Scylla |Frigate|


    Incubus |Destroyer|

    Revenant |Destroyer|

    Succubus |Destroyer|


    Lamassu |Barge|

    Shedu |Monitor|


    Strix |Light Cruiser|

    Yokai |Light Cruiser|

    Ifrit |Cruiser|

    Sphinx |Cruiser|

    Wyvern |Cruiser|

    Hydra |Fleet Carrier|


    Chimera |Troopship|


    Raiju |Heavy Cruiser|

    Shenlong |Heavy Cruiser|


    Basilisk / Akuma |Battlecruiser|

    Manticore / Banshee |Battlecruiser|


    Daemon |Battleship|

    Dragon |Battleship|


    Cthulhu |Dreadnought|

    Nosferatu |Dreadnought|

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