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    Formerly the Cakebowl league, SAWBBL (the Swindon & Wiltshire Blood Bowl League) was founded in the Spring of 2011, with fewer than 10 coaches. We now run regular seasons with between 10 and 20 coaches, with a mixture of new recruits, returning players and grizzled veterans.


    Our current commissioner is NAF President Emeritus; Sann0638 and we play fortnightly rounds, usually taking place at people’s houses or local clubs, rather than having a fixed league night. There is a weekly (…ish!) newsletter, written by Jip.


    You can find the current rules here, the forum here and the OBBLM page here.


    There are two tournaments linked to the league, Cakebowl (previously run by Hudson, now organised by Sann0638) and SAWBowl (run by Glowworm). Details for these can be found on

    We are on Facebook and Twitter (just search ‘SAWBBL’), so please hit us up if you’re looking for any more information, or to join up for the next season!

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