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    So what’s this all about, then? I suppose I feel that as newly installed NAF Tournament Director (TD), I should be talking about tournaments. Well, SHOUTING about tournaments. There are two parts to that; firstly I want to talk about tournament stuff; updates the NAF make to improve your tournament experience, great work being done in the community, advertising huge upcoming events, that sort of thing. I’m going to do that over at thenaf.net. However, I also want to talk about tournaments I’ve attended as I attend them. Hopefully not in the form of an ever duller list of dice rolls and tales of woe (although, feel free to call me up on that when it inevitably happens!), more of a look at some tactical decisions I made and an insight into the tournament world for those that aren’t yet a part of it or aren’t too familiar with UK / European events. As well as a public list of injustices for which I demand reven… Oh, wait. Not that one! First up, here is a blog discussing my experience of the UK Team Challenge (UKTC), the UK’s premier team Blood Bowl tournament.



    Any questions about the blog feel free to ask away here!



    Marvellous report, Goo. Thanks for posting. Thanks for the kind words about UKTC. Hoping next year will be even better. As you say, all the info at http://www.bbuktc.com/


    Report part two… what happened at the bar Thibault found at 4am. I also went to bed when the revolving dancefloor stopped revolving… 🙂



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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