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    Hello fellow Blood Bowlers,

    The ECBBL is glad to announce that Pearly Kings and Queens will be returning for it’s 13th instalment on Saturday 30th June and Sunday 1st July 2018, hopefully it will be lucky 13 for at least one of you!

    Once again it will be held at The Mad Hatter Hotel in central London. The venue is in close proximity to Blackfriars, Southwark and Waterloo stations.

    There will be 6 games of Bloodbowl, Four on Saturday and Two on Sunday after a slightly more leisurely start.

    As in the previous edition it will be a 1.2mil tournament with the Ironmanji team building rules to construct rosters.

    So come on down to the glorious capital this summer!

    !!Last spot available on a first come first serve basis!!

    Interested and *confirmed* attendees as of 22/06/18:

    0. *ooarrtracter* (spare player)
    1. *choidivision*
    2. *Yogi*
    3. *Wulfyn*
    4. *Gritter*
    5. *Mr Hayward*
    6. *Joemanji*
    7. *Purplegoo*
    8. *Besters*
    9. *Heff*
    10. *Gres*
    11. *Erik*
    12. *Al the Trowel (Saturday)*
    13. *TomLoyn*
    14. *LukeC*
    15. *vmcat*
    16. *Whitehot*
    17. *Endalos*
    18. *BillyDee*
    19. *Raughri*
    20. *Firebreather*
    21. *Richy*
    22. *JimboDeany*
    23. *Oli K (DBL)*
    24. *Overgone5*
    25. *Lord_relictor*
    26. *Ringbeard*
    27. *Thor87*
    28. *Lycos*
    29. *Mr Frodo*
    30. +Stu+
    31. *Chewitt666*
    32. *Avecmontage*
    33. *PurpleChest*
    34. *Nippy Longskar*
    35. *LewishM*
    36. *Ewan B (New NAF)*
    37. *Geggster*
    38. *Hamster*
    39. *King_Ghidra*

    !!Everyone who has paid should have received an email regarding pre-ordering their food. Please respond to this by Wednesday 27th June or you may not get your first choice meal! If you didn’t get it please check your spam and/or email me!!



    Count me in. Do you want NAF numbers included in the PayPal payment?






    Thanks both. Got both payments with the details in.

    For others: NAF Name and number in the comment of the payment please



    It’s a goodie, is this. Anyone umming and ahhring should get stuck in!

    It would be 3 in 4 weekends for me, so the negotiation is ongoing, or I would have signed up already!



    Ladies and Gentlemen. Over 300 buttons, beads and finger stabbings later let me present to you:

    The Pearly Kings & Queens XIII First Prize!
    1st Prize

    Will you be crowned Pearly King or Queen this summer?
    Crown Detail
    360 Degree View!
    Many thanks to my son’s ball for modelling for me (not included with prize)

    Do you want to win this? Sign up now! We have 1 spot left but we shall have a waiting list and I will be trying for more space!

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