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    MOBL – Mid-Ohio Bashers League

    Bringing the BASH to Columbus.

    Calling all coaches!
    There’s a bloodbowl league in Columbus/Mid-Ohio and it needs YOU! Yes, you.
    Dust off those models and warm up the dice. It’s time to get a little crazier than usual.
    The best board game ever created is waiting for you…patiently… silently….

    Haven’t dusted off those teams in forever?
    It’s time to break them out again! Veterans are our backbone!

    Don’t have a team?
    I have several you can use (most of them, actually…but that’s our little secret).

    “… but I don’t have a board/range finder/dice!”
    Silence! I have multiples of them to use also and most coaches are happy to share.

    “… but ..Rules!? bylaws!? Rankings!? NAF!!?”
    Easy now – this is an all-comers league welcome to anyone and everyone interested in the glory that is Bloodbowl. There are rules and bylaws and we follow the NAF’s lead largely. Drop me a line and get on board

    Mildly interested? …Curious? …F@%$K YEA!?!

    Have absolutely no idea … but ….suddenly intrigued? Looking for something new?!
    Drop me a message. ….as I said above: Materials and teams aren’t an issue and I’m happy to teach the game and welcome any/all who want to give it a go.

    What are you waiting for? Let the Commissioner know and get this party started!

    There’s also a Facebook page for those of that persuasion.

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