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    Schmee-Goo productions are proud to announce that Cambridge Double Trouble, your all doubles, all pairs, Cambridge Blood Bowling extravaganza is returning on the 24th / 25th November. For those returning; the only difference from last year is that there a couple of racial tier tweaks and we’re welcoming Bretonnians and Khorne. We’re also moving the timetable back by half an hour to try and ensure we get into the pub on time! For anyone new or unaware of the Cam Dub, read on.

    Basic Rules

    In these confusing times, it’s probably best to pull these basic rules out at the beginning:

    – We will be following the 2017-8 NAF tournament rules, found here: <br />
    – Goblins may buy Bribes, Halflings a Master Chef and any team may hire a Star after first hiring 11 rostered players. No other inducements are permitted. Stars available are listed in the NAF team list document here:<br />
    – Any stars released in Spike! Journals until the end of September will be considered, and then an announcement made on whether we’ll be including them (NAF approval willing!) on Oct. 1<br />
    – We will be welcoming all 24 mandatory NAF races and the two optional ones, Bretonnians and Khorne. See the above team list document if unsure or these are new to you<br />
    – For team creation guidelines, please see below!


    The Venue will be the Golden Hind pub, 355 Milton Road, Cambridge, CB4 1SP. A map can be found here:,%20UK&FORM=MMREDR. The pub is about 3KM from the Cambridge train station, and easily accessible by road, via the A1/M –> A14. There is a decent sized car park to the rear. The bar downstairs serves reasonably priced pub grub, and there is a CO-OP just over the road for bits and pieces.

    Accommodation Suggestions

    Being quite touristy, Cambridge isn’t short of places to stay. The internet seems full of cheapish B&Bs, and there are two Premier Inns within a short drive of the venue around the north of the suburbs (A14 and A1307).

    Tournament Rules

    Cam Dub – 1

    The first twist for Cam Dub (so it has been christened) is that it a Blood Bowl pairs tournament! At registration on day one, we will split the field down the middle by ability (for want of a better method, we’ll use a coach’s best ELO NAF ranking – although I reserve the right to place an internet newcomer by hand), the higher ranked in one pot, the rest in another. We will then draw a name from each pot, randomly forming the pairs for the rest of the event! If attendees have a preference as to who their partner is going to be for the weekend, a buddy, a league mate, a chum, we encourage you to sign up as a team! We only ask that in order to keep things fair and equitable with the random draw system, we don’t see any mega-teams. To this end, we ask that only a maximum of one member of a submitted pair have a NAF ranking in excess of 200.

    You will play all six games in your pairs, as a team. There will be a random draw for game one, then this arrangement will follow a Swiss / Swiss format, so team 1 will play team 2 (etc.), and within those teams, the coaches doing the best individually will play, and their partners will square off.

    The scores for each game are as follows;

    Win, 10 points<br />
    Tie, 5 points<br />
    Loss, 0 points<br />
    Both games won in a fixture, 1 bonus point.

    TD and CAS tie breakers will not be used on a round by round basis, fixtures between coaches / pairs on the same number of points are generated randomly. In the event of a tie after 6 games, the winning pair will be determined by combined strength of schedule, then CAS and TD difference (only spp generating CAS count), TDs scored, CAS scored and then by one round of Go-Johnny a Go-Go-Go-Go.

    Cam dub – 2

    The second twist for Cam Dub is in team selection.

    Coaches may spend 1.1m GC upon their rosters. Stars are allowed, but only after 11 normal players. Wizards and other Inducements are not allowed bar Chefs and Bribes for Flings and Goblins. We will be using standard “Resurrection” format conventions; no raised players continue in the next game / no FF rolls / no skill rolls carrying over, etc. Teams are identical from one game to the next. IP / the 4 minute rule will not be enforced, however you may use them if both coaches agree. There will be a time limit for games as a whole, so if you play slowly we may have to call a result early, although we hope this won‘t become an issue, there will be plenty of warning!

    Upon registration, coaches may give players on their team (although not Stars) only double skills. There will be no Strip ball Wardancers, Guard Longbeards or Block Saurus at Cam Dub! A ‘double’ skill is defined as a skill that player type can only gain via a doubles skill roll in LRB6. For instance, a Black Orc gaining an agility skill, or an Elf a strength skill. No normal or + stat skills will be allowed. The number of skills you may give your team is governed by the following tier system;

    Tier zero, 2 skills: Undead (Block Mummies are good!)<br />
    Tier one, 3 skills: Wood Elf, Amazon, Chaos Dwarf, Orc, Norse, Dwarf, Bretonnian<br />
    Tier two, 4 skills: Skaven, Chaos Pact, Dark Elf, Lizard, Necromantic, Khemri, Human<br />
    Tier three, 5 skills: High Elf, Pro Elf, Ogre, Nurgle, Chaos, Slann, Underworld, Khorne<br />
    Tier four, 7 skills: Vampire, Goblin, Halfling

    There are no rules on skill duplication, but each player may only be awarded one skill (no stacking). You may not give Stars skills.


    Cam Dub will cost £20 for NAF members, and £25 for non NAF, inclusive of signup. The PayPal address is, payments as gifts, please!

    Early bird discount If you pay before the end of September, you save £5 on your ticket (£15 NAF / £20 non NAF), and you also receive a coveted Blood Bowl Bingo joker token! I say coveted, you may not know what this is, but I promise it’s worth it! 😉

    We will be giving out prizes for all of the usual places and achievements, but we’ve tried to keep costs down wherever possible!

    Please paint your minis. We won’t be throwing you out or docking you points if you show up with bare metal, but it’s just nice to play with painted teams. If you would like to borrow a painted team, please ask us!


    Friday Night: Draw / Pub

    Saturday Arrive & Register : 09:30-10:00<br />
    Round 1 : 10:00 – 12:30<br />
    Lunch: 12:30-13:00<br />
    Round 2 : 13:00 – 15:30<br />
    (Lunch / R2 are fluid, we’ll do the draw, you can choose to eat when you like, before, during or after)<br />
    Round 3 : 15:30 – 18:00<br />
    Saturday night: Frivolity and night out – probably a curry.

    Sunday Arrive for 09:30<br />
    Round 4 : 09:30 – 12:00<br />
    Lunch: 12:00-12:30<br />
    Round 5 : 12:30 – 15:00<br />
    Round 6 : 15:00 – 17:30<br />
    Awards, Wrap up and go home: 18:00

    Please bring with you a board, templates, dice, a painted BB team and a copy of your roster.

    Really hope to see you there!

    Phil & Michael (Goo and Schmee)

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