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    On the ancient isle of Albion, teams from around the Old World and the New will be gathering to prove their worth on the blood soaked gridiron. Last year saw the inaugural Back Breaker Cup. At the end of the gruelling tournament only one team was left standing, the bowed but unbroken Brutal Deluxe.

    Since that historic occasion the Firmir Association (FA) have been working tirelessly with the Truthsayers of the Albion Blood Bowl Federation to ensure that this years Cup is bigger, better and full to the brim with all the madness, brutality and terrifying turnovers you’ve come to expect from the beautiful game.

    40 teams have been given safe passage to the misty and magical realm Albion. The one day tournament will see teams play in a variety of stadiums. The first will be taking place on the Northern shores of Albion in the glamorous Druchii enclave of Nagronath. After acquiring many new permanent guests last year, the Fleetmaster, is looking forward to welcome fans and players to the underworld pitches found in the dungeons of the beached Black Ark. Last years’ generous offer of free accommodation for all fans who attend still stands.

    Game two takes the action to the West of the Island where a collection of Ogham stones, tinkered with by the Runepriests of Barak Varr, conspire to create a land of perpetual winter! Expect frozen astrogranite, blinding blizzards and even the odd magically infused snowgnoblar. The penultimate game of the day takes place in the wild woods of Southern Albion. The temperamental tree sprites, while often indifferent to the events of the old world have taken a sudden interest in Blood Bowl and may look to stick an unwanted root or branch into proceedings.

    For the final game we travel to the heart of Albion for the climax of the weekend. Due to the flow of magic throughout the island a temporal vortex enables all the games to be played at the same time in the same place in the famed stadium of Knotinthem Forest! Founded during the Bretonnian occupancy by those who brought Blood Bowl to the island, it promises to offer a grandstand finish to the tournament. Weather promises to be perfect, however as the saying goes, it always rains in Albion!

    Disclaimer – The DBL nor Backbreaker accept any responsibility for magical mishap, accidental transportation to the Realm of Chaos, enslavement by Druchii, being devoured by a fen beast or being sat on by a giant.

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