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    To help us include more and more features on the website we are looking to generate income through advertising. Now advertising can be painful and a waste of money when the adverts are intrusive and annoying, or when they are not specific. Because of this TZ will feature just a single large banner at the top of each page. Also rather than using generic google adverts we have created a custom built advertising portal. This way we can focus on the great companies that have helped to make the game as great as it is.

    Some double skulls podcast dice showing off the advertising banner location

    Hopefully that is both unobtrusive and eye-catching! So let’s say you are interested, how do you proceed?


    1. Register an account on the website
    2. Send an email to asking to become an advertiser; this will let me unlock the permissions
    3. Follow the instructions below!
    4. Please ignore all the numbers in the pictures, they are taken from our test site so not reflective of the live service!


    Advertisers will get access to a special advertising portal available through the menu. This is a self service section of the website that will allow you to purchase “tickets”. When a new page is loaded the server will randomly draw a ticket and display that advert. Each ticket lasts for 30 days at which point it will expire and be released for someone else to purchase. However you can renew a ticket at any time which adds another 30 days onto the expiry date.

    When you buy a ticket you can choose which region you want it to be shown in. This allows companies to target their own geographical area better (as sales should be higher). These will then be displayed to users from that region. Of course there is nothing to stop you buying tickets in more than one region if you want to.

    Tickets can be bought in blocks. A block is effectively just a group of tickets that all have the same information (but more tickets means a greater chance to have an advert displayed). You should think about how you want to purchase tickets. Buying in a single block will be more convenient and save time, but will give you less flexibility. Buying tickets one at a time is annoying, but allows you to better control what you want to do. Our suggestion is to purchase 2 or 3 blocks if you want multiple tickets as this allows you the right mix of convenience and flexibility.

    This is because each block of tickets allows you to specify the banner and the URL you want it to go to (as well as the mobile versions of both of those). You can edit the banners and links at any time, so if you launched a kickstarter, for example, you could swap a block to advertising that rather than your main website.

    Information about your adverts is also really important. Because of this each block of tickets you have gives you the important information that you need. You get to see the number of times it has displayed, the number of clicks, as well as some simple metrics like click through rate (CTR) and cost per click (CPC). This allows you to compare your adverts not only against each other but against other advertising methods you employ. That way you can be confident that you are getting value for money. Also if you wanted to buy 10 tickets you could purchase them as two blocks of 5 tickets and try different banners to see which one people find most interesting, allowing you to optimise your advertising strategy!


    Hope that sounds interesting and useful. If you have any problems at all, or want more information, you can just email and I’ll be happy to help.

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