Foodbowl 2019 Report

Posted by Wulfyn on 30th November 2019

(Wulfyn) A few months ago I was contacted by Mohammed Javaid (thatasianguy) asking if we would be interested in sponsoring his event. Not only was this a good opportunity to help spread the word of the website but when we found out a little more about what Mohammed had in mind we were certain we wanted to help in our little way. There are many good charity events in the UK Blood Bowl scene, and Mohammed has added to this list. Foodbowl is all about helping to raise some money for a foodbank to help provide for people in crisis. And all whilst bemoaning more double skulls. What could be better?


Over to Javaid to give a report on the day’s events:


(Mohammed) For the past few years I’ve had people nagging me about running a tournament. But as I run our local league, I personally felt I needed a reason to run a tournament. Foodbowl was inspired by the unfortunate situation of so many people who were struggling to get by and were pushed into a position where they would need to make use of food banks in order to help make ends meet.

All profits earned from the event would be donated to the Cardiff FoodBank.

Originally, I planned for the event to be solely for Blood Bowl, but opened it up to Necromunda. For Blood Bowl I opted to use the All Teams Viable Variant. This allowed for a more significant mixture of races and to reflect player abilities. We received strong support from the community and our sponsors for the event. Firestorm Games, KR Cases, Tackle Zone, MDP (Model Display Products), The Bonehead Podcast, and Two Drunk Flings & Friends. In total we had 30 people sign-up for Blood Bowl & 24 for Necromunda. Along with extra donations from those unable to attend.

Foodbowl featured a 4 game day for the event, with prizes and raffle at the end of the day. With a tight schedule to adhere to. It was quite a manic day. Filled with some unexpected team builds and
results. Necromunda featured as an Ambot Wars! Event. With gangs following all the standard rules for the game, not featuring the typical resurrection style of traditional tournaments. This side of the event focussed on gangs completing missions in order to obtain part to upgrade their Ambots. After the Ambots were upgraded in they then competed in a knockout arena of death until only 1 Ambot was left standing.

Foodbowl was a fantastic event. With more positive than negatives regarding the event. ATV is an interesting rule set. It brings out a large amount of variety. Four games makes for a tight schedule,
but achievable. Feedback has suggested that we remain at 4 games, views are uncertain regarding ATV. Discussion may take place regarding an alternate set. Key point I will have for any future events with 4 games in one day – a designated spare player who is not me! But I would be happy to run this event again in conjunction with Necromunda, with the aim of helping a different charity each

In total of £600 was raised from ticket sales, donations and the raffle. Which was then donated to Cardiff Foodbank on Thursday 21 st November.

Overall I’m grateful for the generosity shown by all those who attended and those that provided support for the event.


Final standings for the event:


1 st Place – Verbal_HM


2nd Place – Ceetee


3rd Place – Jayward


Gloworm Award – Rubick


Most Touchdowns – Gcoleman76


Most Casualties – Orcster

Stunty Cup – Hawca
Last Place – PorkPieMudEye


(Wulfyn) A really great event and one which I am going to try my best to get to next year. The Firestorm Games venue is excellent for this type of event so please go check them out if you are around Cardiff! Also the The Bonehead Podcast is going to be featuring some more info about the event as well, so go check those guys out! And finally congrats to Mohammed on running such an excellent event, and for raising £600 for charity.